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An election 2006 wrapup from a real conservative evangelical fundamentalist preacher .  .   .

I like what my friend Ron Smith (WBAL 1090) said many times this summer and fall:    "THE REPUBLICANS DESERVE TO GET THEIR BUTTS KICKED,  BUT THE DEMOCRATS DON'T DESERVE TO DO IT."

(I'm not a Republican, Democrat, or Independent.    I'm a biblical activist;  I vote only for who's and what's right; and God never told me to vote for the lesser of two evils.    My kind of biblical Christian activism has had absolutely no impact on this nation that has gone crazy without God. So I'll leave influencing America to the Swaggarts, the Bakkers, and the Haggards, and all the rest of the haven't-got-a~clue pro-Israel, cozy-with-the-neocons NRB/NAE crowd.)

To put it just as plainly and clearly as it can possibly be put, George Bush asked for it. But he didn't have enough sense to see it coming. Worse, he gambled that he would go down in history as the president who bestowed "freedom and democracy" to the world (remember Poppy's "New World Order"?), but he lost the gamble. Instead he will go down in history as the Great Wrecker of the Republican party and the nation.

And let's not forget that he only pretended to be a conservative. Shame on the Limbaughs and the Dobsons who, from the beginning couldn't understand that he was nothing more thana Rockefeller Republican liberal.

And yes, most Christian conservatives, because of their pro-Israel, pro-neocon naivete, were suckered again in 2000 and2004, just as they were with Jimmy Carter, Bush 41, and Bill Clinton.

(Read Chapter 12 of my book On the Wrong Side of Just about Every­thing, but Right about It All for my 2003 radio broadcast predictions of the Iraq blunder.)

Finally, on the subject of "Suckered," think about it:    Both Bushes got suckered:    41 by the Democrats, and 43 by the Neocon Republicans.

The Democrats suckered 41 into breaking his "no new taxes" pledge, the the Neocon Republicans suckered 43 into going to war (on behalf of Israel). Then, after 41's and 43's blunders and failures, they sit back and gloat , pick up the spoils, and laugh all the way to the bank.

But not to worry. We should know by now .  .   . especially those of us who go back to New Deal times, that the better (never "best") kind  of government is that when the White House and Congressional majorities     of different parties.    So things will get better,  for a while, at least.

Finally,  I think I can hear them  .   .  . from America's Finest, who have lost their faces, their eyes, their limbs, and their lives in Iraq  .   .  .to the good, outstanding men and women who lost their elections this week .   .  . exclaiming, "Thank you, President Bush, for all you've done for us."

The Capitol Hill Voice, Dale Crowley Jr., P.O. Box One, Washington, D.C