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No.  43—March 2006

 Talmudists have it their way again .   .   .in this once great Christian Nation .   .  .where Christians used to have it their Biblical Way .   .  .






After twenty years of broadcasting the truth about Israel on my “Focus on Israel" radio program responsibly and consistently .   .  .  only 15 or 20 minutes a week  .   .   . the owners and managers of Newcomb Broadcasting Corporation informed me that neither "Focus on Israel" nor "The King's Business" would be aired at their regular times the fol­lowing morning, Saturday March 4,  at 8:30 and 8:45.

The owners,  managers,  and staff were clearly shaken.  The short meeting was full of tension and emotion.  To someone, myself, who was first introduced to the Newcombs and WFAX in 1956,  and who had already been sending reports from the mission field of Japan for broadcast in 1954 and 1955, and who has broadcast the word of God, which includes the truth about Israel, over 7,000 times on that Washington area station, it was a pathetic fifteen minute session.  In that short fifteen minutes in the president's office, the following did and did not take place:

I was told not to mention "Israel" and the "Jews" on ray radio broadcasts.

I was told that my two broadcasts, "Focus on Israel" and "The King's Business," scheduled to air in less than 24 hours, would not be permitted.

I was told that my "Focus on Israel" radio program would be discontinued im­mediately and permanently.

I was not informed of one reason for this drastic action.   (I did not ask, because I wanted to see if I would or would not be given this professional courtesy.)

I was given no notice that this important meeting would take place. I should have been able to think it through, prepare, or even be accompanied by counsel.

I was given no time or opportunity to inform my listeners of what had been de­cided, what had happened, or what to expect.

Later in the day I was informed that I would not be permitted to broadcast "live and in person" again, that   all    "up-to-date" broadcasts    would have to be pre-recorded and pre-approved.

Even with serious contractual implications, nothing was in writing.

The next day,  when my regular and loyal listeners called to find out why the program was not on the air,  they were told, incredibly,  "You'll have to ask Mr.  Crowley." How could I tell anyone "Why," when I myself was not told "Why"?

There is only one conclusion that any reasonable person can come to that would explain this desperate action after twenty years of broadcasting the "Focus on Israel" radio program on WFAX:    THREATS AND/OR DEMANDS HAD BEEN COMMUNICATED TO THE NEWCOMB BROADCASTING CORPORATION BECAUSE OF THE WEEKLY CONTENT OF MY  SHORT—ONLY FIFTEEN OR TWENTY MINUTES—"FOCUS ON ISRAEL," ALWAYS TELL­ING ONLY THE TRUTH ABOUT ISRAEL (NEVER A LIE IN TWENTY YEARS). Whatever happened caused terror and panic.

There are six   possible sources and reasons for such threats.    One or more, or a combination of all of these could be responsible for this drastic and desperate action:

1.    One or more mean spirited,  anti-First Amendment Jews who had never heard "Focus on Israel" before during the twenty years of its being broadcast, were stunned, shocked,  and outraged that the truth about Israel was actually being disseminated on a commercial radio station.  (WFAX is not a "Christian station"in the sense that it is a Com­monwealth of Virginia non-profit corporation.  It could be called a "Christian oriented com­mercial station.")

2.    Powerful and influentialJews were able to convince the Federal Communications Commission that WFAX was broadcasting "hate" (truth about Israel=hate),  and persuaded it to threaten the Newcomb Broadcasting Corporation with a revocation of its license.

3.    Truly sinister,  dangerous entities,  such as the Jewish Defense League, threat­enedthe Newcomb Broadcasting Corporation with actual harm to life and property. (Reference:  F.B.I. reports during the 1980s of J.D.L. terroristincidents.)

4.    The publication of my book,  On the Wrong Side of Just about Everything, but Right about It All, which contains pages and pages of truth about Israel, plus many actual broadcasts of the "Focus on Israel" program on WFAX.  The truth in print for all to see finally woke up pro-Israel fanatics of all varieties  ....  woke them up enough to protest the "Focus on Israel" program.  (Ironically the book is dedicated to WFAX and all my friends there.    See dedication page.    Perhaps the book turned out to be more a source of embarrassment than a cause for pride and gratitude.)

5.    Related to 4. above, it is possible that a large number of pro-Israel fanatic evangelical Christians (who make up most of WFAX's listening audience), individually or collectively,  demanded that their favorite Christian radio station silence "Focus on Israel." (The National Religious Broadcasters did that very thing about fifteen years ago.)

6.    Homeland Security.    The Bush White House couldn't toleratecontinuation of this effective voice of opposition to Israel's war against Iraq on a Washington radio station.

Finally, in this issue #43 of Capitol Hill Voice, I will reveal the sources of the mate­rial that I have presented on 1,000 broadcasts of the "Focus on Israel" radio program since 1986, and which have caused suchan uproar:

1.    The word of God—Old and New Testaments—with emphasis on such portions as Deuteronomy 28,  Psalm 78, Isaiah 1 and 59, Matthew 23, John 5,  6, 7,  and 8,  Galatians 3, etc.    ("Israel" occurs in the Bible approximately 2,500 times,  and "Jews"—"Judeans"—300 times.) 1/5

2.    Jewish religious writings:  Talmud, Toldoth Iesu,  Kol Nidre, etc.    1/5

3.    The writings, speeches,  sayings, etc., of famous Jews,  some of whom I have known personally:  Haviv Schieber, Dr. JacobGartenhouse,  Dr. Al Lilienthal,  Rabbi Elmer Berger, Arthur Koestler (The Thirteenth Tribe) etc.    1/5

4.    Jewish newspapers andmagazines,  such as Forward and Washington Jewish Week  1/4

5.  My own careful, restrained, measured, and responsiblecomments, interpretations,  and opinions.  1/10

So how is that for the ingredients and balance of "hate speech" against Israel and the Jews?!    Look for more in Capitol Hill Voice #45.

Dear Reader of Capitol Hill Voice #43 on "Crowley's Focus on Israel" Website:

Please stand behind me,  stand beside me,  stand with me, pray for me,  and con­tribute to these ministries as God leads and enables you.  Four on-going ministries:   "The King's Business" radio program,  Capitol Hill Voice publication, "Crowley's Focus on Israel" website, and distribution of the best seller,  On the Wrong Side of Just about Everything, but Right about It All.

Because of my upbringing, my special calling in the ministry of the Gospel, and my fearless confrontations with "the unfruitful works of darkness" (Ephesians 5:11), I have been attacked and nearly destroyed many timesinJapan, in Hawaii,' and in my home base, the Washington/Maryland/Virginia region. The unconscionable termination of one of my most favorite and fruitful ministries—broadcast of "Focus on Israel," live and in person in the Wash­ington, D.C. region—was one of the worst blows in my longlife of seventy-seven years.

Please don't forsake me.   You may never hear me on the radio "live and in person and up-to-date" again—THAT HAS BEEN SNUFFED OUT—butlet's keep in touch.   Let me hear from you soon. Order a copy, or copies of my new book from Mary$9.00 plus $2.00 S&H(free to contributors).   Tell others about the new "Crowley's Focus on Israel" website.