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The Capitol Hill Voice

No. 45-Fall 2006

Cause and effect ...


"On the day that Congress stops the flow of American money to Israel, on that day terrorism against Americans around the world will stop." —Haviv Schieber (Read more about former Jewish terrorist Haviv Schieber in Dale Crowley Jr.'s new book, On the Wrong Side of Just about Everything but Right about It All.)

In the midst of all the grief and remorse over 9/11 displayed in recent days I heard or read no one .  . . not one speaker or writer .  .  . cite the real cause:


American taxpayers, thanks to the crooks on Capitol HIM, pay for:

1. Israeli settlements on stolen property
2. Israeli apartheid treatment of Palestinians
3. Israeli 400 mile wall of discrimination
4. Israeli anti-Christianity laws
5. Israeli bulldozers destroying Palestinian homes
6. Israeli prodding us/U.S tofight her enemies


(Of course, my fellow evangelicals - the devotees of the cult of Israel - are proud and happy to send our money for "God's chosen people" in the "holy land" to do whatever they wish with it.)

The Arab Semites of the world (200 million of them) know what's going on, and they're angry, plenty angry . .. so angry they've decided just to hate us and kill us, The best (and only) way to put a stop to it is for Congress to pull the plug on this $10 billion a year insanity. Until then we will not forget that our government was indeed responsible for 9/11.   (In the meantime, George Bush should read George Washington's "Farewell Address to the American People." It's difficult, elegant prose, but just maybe he can get Ms mind and heart around it, and "RESOLVE" to do what's right.)

This and other truth about Israel from Dale Crowley Jr. gagged by Washington radio station WFAX

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